How Powerful Is the Internet?


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Since the internet came into existence, advancements in different areas of our lives have been nonstop. Our dependence on it has continued to increase as well. But how dependent have we become of it?

A site that visualises how powerful the internet is in terms of its influence on human life is the “Map of The Internet”. It shows the internet from a social networking perspective and presents it as a ‘social network’ as well as an ‘information highway’.

The internet map is a photograph of a network. It can be said that the artist was able to take a photo of this network and present it with a collage of different types of images that would create an overall image. It is one of those rare images where there is no doubt whatsoever about what the image depicts. However, this is much more complicated than an individual would see at first glance.

The “Map Of The Internet” has been described as an “imaginary map” and as such it is seen as an “imaginary social networking map”. As we all know, the internet is a global community, where users meet up with each other from all over the world. What I find most fascinating about this map is that it visualises the relationship between various users in their respective networks. It presents different user profiles to show their geographical location in relation to others in the network. It shows all kinds of information – from user names and email addresses to social networks that they belong to and their likes and dislikes. They also have links between them and others around the world. The Map of The Internet can be considered an abstract representation of their relationships, based on a particular set of parameters.

What Makes The “Map” Significant

The “Map of The Internet” is also interesting because it tells us how powerful the internet is as a whole. We can see how it affects people, companies, and organizations that use it – as a medium to communicate and as a way of sharing information. Also, we are able to see how the internet has affected and is affecting social and political groups, including the way we interact with one another, and how its impact on people has improved or has changed the lives of those who use it.

So, How Powerful Is The Internet?

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This question is one that is answered when looking at how the map is created and presented on its website, and why lots of businesses try to harness the influence it has by hiring specialists to do the tasks listed on, for example. But, as I also mentioned, there are many other factors that affect people and organisations that use the internet. The best thing to do when trying to understand how the internet works is to look at how social media has brought its effect on our everyday lives and consider what it means for us.

So, the next time you feel lost and wonder how everything in your life has changed because of online communication, consider these different ways to view the map – how it has made a difference to others and how it has changed those who have come before you. If it is something that is relevant to you, why not look around at how the map was made and find out how it affects your own life?