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New things, new life, new house. It isn’t that bad. I mean, hey you don’t need to clean too much and you’re closer to one another. Well not unless you’re living alone with your cat. Anyway, life goes on and learn to love your little house one step at a time.

Let’s put it this way, you want to move to a new country and definitely you would need a house. Yet there is a big possibility that you would have a small home. I have cousin who had this huge house in the Philippines and then later moved to New Jersey with a now smaller yet very cozy home.

He said it’s a big difference, but you’ll eventually get use to it. You have too anyway since you’ll probably live there for a while. Like I said it isn’t that bad, you get to feel more at home and your cleaning won’t be as much. The downside about it is if you move to New York, and winter comes, there will be a lot of snow cleaning. I think that’s what you call it or is it snow removing. Either way you have to move the snow, so I guess smaller house is a go. I mean, who wants a bigger house which will entail bigger electricity costs, cleaning costs and upkeep costs? Am I just sour-graping? Nah!

I actually prefer a smaller house. I always imagined having a bohemian vibe and rustic feel to my house. The kitchen has to be big though because I just love to cook all the time. Like what my granny would always tell me “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. From that day on cooking and baking were my first 2 loves. A smaller home I guess does bring you closer to one another. Small houses can bring people closer together.

So if you’re like me, get that homey closeness feel with a smaller house. My favorite television series to watch lately? Tiny House Nation. Great ideas on how to incorporate everything you need to put in one unique and small but elegant “tiny house”