A Guide To Choosing Bath Taps: What You Need To Know

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If the time has come to renovate your bathroom, there is much to consider. First, you must determine the scope of the work, which could be anything from a new coat of paint to a start-from-scratch revamp, or something in between. Once you have the layout figured out, then comes choosing appliances and furniture and finally, the fixtures and fittings, and with that in mind, here is a guide to choosing bath taps.

Hole Bath Taps

These are popular for futuristic and modern settings, with no spout, rather two holes from which the water falls. Stylish black matte and chrome finishes are available from the online home improvement store, with the best brands at affordable prices. Hole taps are safer, as there are no spouts that can cause injury if you fall, which is important if you have young kids.

Mono Mixers

These are really great for limited spaces, with a single faucet that combines hot and cold; this style is perfect for that minimalist look, with sleeky chrome or stainless steel. Let’s not forget you can buy bath taps with shower attachments, for those times when a long hot shower is the only way to unwind.

Bath Spout

You might like a classic long spout to go with that Italian marble, with stainless steel or powder coating in a range of attractive colours. Perfect for the oval ceramic bath, with long arms to open or close the water, you can find this style from the online supplier.

Traditional Pair Bath Taps

A pair of gold-plated Victorian taps really do add a touch of character and a big bath should have the taps some distance apart. Of course, it is important that the bath can accommodate the taps, so do bear this in mind when looking at taps, as it isn’t only style that can be wrong; the shape or size of the taps might make it impossible to fit.

Thermostatic Bath Taps

If you have young kids and want to prevent sudden extreme water temperature changes, typically a modern design, the temperature is regulated. Check out the online home improvement supplies store, where you will find an impressive catalogue of fine bathroom fixtures and fittings and state of the art thermostatic taps are ideal for the smart home.

Bath & Shower Sets

If you want the best of both worlds, have a shower head affixed to the wall and get a nice combo tap unit with a hose that is long enough to accommodate your shower head position. Search through the online tap supplier for a wide range of styles and when you shop online, you pay trade prices, which saves you 15-20% on average.

Of course, you will also need other bathroom fixtures and fittings, such as towel rack, vanity taps and stylish storage units. Once you find a leading UK supplier of bathroom fixtures and fittings, you can browse at your own pace and with a single shop, you can acquire everything you need for your bathroom revamp.