What To Do And What To Expect When Moving


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What you SHOULD expect is the fact that no matter how many of you guys are helping out, moving is stressful and you are going to end up forgetting something if you aren’t attentive. It’s understandable to forget during this time though. There are literally a ton of things to do and carry around, not to mention the act of moving out alone is a whole ordeal reserved for people with their moods energised by a thousand suns. It’s exhausting. And that’s fact.

So what should you do to make it easier? Aside from packing everything and labelling them properly, that is.

Well, you look at this list and then you start from there.

Check Each Room

Make sure that you didn’t leave anything or anyone behind by checking each room. From the smallest possible Harry Potter-esque cupboard/bedroom to the biggest possible room you have, including the attic and the basement. You might have forgotten something so you need to check if you have or haven’t.

Make Sure the House Is Secure

While you were checking for each room in case you forgot something, lock and secure every single door and window while you’re at it. If you don’t trust your family members to do it thoroughly, do it yourself. It might cost you some time, but this is to make sure that the house will be safe and secure after you’re gone.

Check the Thermostat

When you’re gone, there will be no one to change the thermostat to accommodate it to the temperature and weather the world will beat into the house. Just so it won’t freeze or suffer in blistering heat, check the thermostat and make sure it’s at decent temperature.

Remove and Dispose All Garbage

Don’t be a jerk. It’s your trash so you have to do the honours of cleaning that up instead of leaving it to the neighbours who will eventually start smelling the horrible smell, or the next owners. This includes the garbage that are stuck in your fridge, alright? Those are the worst and the smell could last a lifetime there.

Last Minute Cleaning

Be nice and do a little cleaning and mopping after all the stuff is gone. The whole place will be barren and empty anyway so mopping and sweeping will get easier to do without all the furniture and children obstructing the cleaning itself. The landlord and the next movers there will think you’re a nice and clean owner if you do this.

Leave All Keys Behind

All the keys that you have given to every single member of the house should be collected and put on the kitchen counter. The house doesn’t belong to you anymore so you should leave the keys behind. You’re going to have a new house with a new set of keys anyway.

Leave a Note

Maybe a thank you or a goodbye will suffice. When moving out of a home you have stayed for a long time, it’s going to make you feel wistful. Make sure the landlord knows how much you appreciate the time of your stay.