Getting A Pool – Is It Worth It?

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They may look really pleasing to the eyes when real estate people show them off, however you need to know before actually considering of having one built in your backyard that they mean some serious insurance sots, repair and maintenance.

See, you already have to worry about your own house costs, the utility bills and the food (and if you have children, there’s school tuition fees and their own necessities). Now, if you have a pool, there’s going to be an additional cost of motors, repairing the cracks, replacing pumps, some pool re-sealing, water, ladders and siding repairs, filtration systems, regular cleaning and chemicals. There’s more too however I’ll save you from the heart attack you probably have just from mentally calculating all of that just now.

Lifehacker even explains how most homeowners would forget about these costs and then be baffled and enraged when their bill comes next month. Don’t be like most people and be smart, okay? Only pursue the pool installation when you have the cost to keep spending on it for months and months whilst keeping yourself and your family afloat from the expenses.

Let’s look at the expenses now. Just to let you know, the average cost for installing a pool is around $39,084. Are you ready to spend that much with just the installation itself? You’re not going to get that amount of money back if you decide to sell the house afterward by the way. And not to mention you still have to keep up the maintenance later after the pool is finally built. Experts literally say that it won’t enhance the value of the home to a lot of people. As pretty and appealing as having one does, people are not really willing to spend more for a pool they didn’t even want.

So is it really worth it?

In some ways, YES, it IS worth it, but only if you have the kind of money that you’re willing to burn and won’t bat an eye about it. The rest of us lower-income people though? Not so much. You are better of just leaving your house alone or buying one that doesn’t really have a pool at all.

So how do you enhance the value without using a pool?

Try landscaping. It’s easier and spends way less time. Make the front yard look appealing by planting in flower trees and mowing the lawn every now and then. Having some environment-friendly flowers and bushes next to a lovely fence will also catch everyone’s eyes. Maintenance here won’t be as crippling and it can actually be more fun to just tend to a garden rather than cleaning a pool.

Think about costs more than the general idea and theory of the ideas you come up with. This is something we all struggle with. Experience is a great teacher with a little help from research.