Paint Colour Ideas

Home Improvement

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It doesn’t even have to be a totally different colour! All you need is either a different shade of the same colour and put it on a different space and you’ll be swanky. The interior of the house would already be looking gorgeous. That happens when you make even the slightest change. It could mean so much already even if you don’t have to spend too much money or time on it.


  • Front Door

This is the easiest and not to mention the quickest make-over that you could ever do. Just paint a bright and bold colour over it! That is how you make a statement.

  • Foyer

A pale yellow, like maybe a sunny sort of shade, can do great for your very first impression as soon as you enter the house.

  • Kitchen

A clean and pretty kitchen can be done with other neutral colours other than white. Just pick an interesting shade! It’s just another one of the colour ideas you could use for yourself!

  • Dining Room

Make your dining room look lively! Who said you can’t have even the slightest bit of fun while having a formal dinner? Of course you can!

  • Living Room

The key to a good-looking living is to make the atmosphere look light and vibrant. No one likes a dark living room. Serene is the best way to go.

  • Bedroom

The bedroom is where you sleep and rest or where you just be free and do whatever it is you do in a bedroom. The best choice for a bedroom colour is going for chill shades that takes the stress away after a long day of work.

  • Bathroom

Sage-green. It’s a new colour to try on a bathroom yet it makes you feel like you’re going to a spa every single day you’re in that bathroom.

How’s that for ideas?

There’s also art in choosing which is the best shade of white or blue that you could go for in different rooms that you have in the house. And green? Yeah, you never can go wrong with any shade of green that you will pull out. Even combinations is greatly encouraged. Sometimes it gets dull and boring in choosing just one colour for a single room. Mix other colours there as well if you want. A good suggestion would be blue together with white, of course.

That, or you can pick colours according to your zodiac. Shades such as green would be great for the Libra folks out there! Personally, it would be better if you try to go for seasonal themes. For example, if you’re going for a spring theme, then mint green is the best choice here while also getting some furniture and some indoor gardening plus flowers would make the entire area look breath-taking!