How To Choose The Perfect Pool For Your Home

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Adding a pool to your home can be the centre piece of any garden and adds that element of luxury and fun to your home life. Whether you are entertaining, swimming for exercise or just enjoy the pool vibe, you can get so much from adding a swimming pool.

When designed as a part of your home, the pool can fit really well and be an architectural highlight in the home. However, having a pool full stop is a great move to make so this article will guide you through some of the main types of pools out there. This way you can know what works best with the layout and structure of your house and backyard.

When blended well with the landscape, it can be visually very appealing. Once you choose the perfect swimming pool for you, the final stage is choosing a contractor so you can finalise your designs all ready for the summer.

Things to consider when getting a pool:

  1. Making it’s a good fit – you want the pool to be the right size and fit for your garden. Due to the limitations on space, different pools are naturally larger due to their shape so this is important to consider. Also, there’s a lot of scope for experimentation in terms of creating soothing waterfalls and fountains.
  2. Think about where it will be placed – positioning is essential as you want somewhere that catches the best of the sunlight for the most part of the day.
  3. Try to minimise chlorine and bleach – pool chemicals can be harsh on the skin. Getting filtering from under the gravel of the pool is a much more natural method that will be a healthy and sustainable option.

Different pool styles

  • Above ground pool – this is a more flexible option that is less pricey then constructing a pool in ground. If you have more limitations in terms of budget and space, this may be a great option.
  • Architectural swimming pool – this is contemporary, has geometric lines and looks very luxurious. Normally customised to the persons specifications, this pool adds a complete look to your home.
  • Recreational pool – this is great if you have a family. This is because lots of fun elements can be added to it from slides to fountains but often requires more space.
  • Indoor pool- as you may have guessed is a swimming pool inside your home. Normally insulated by three walls and geometric lines, the pool is great if you live in a colder area that doesn’t get lots of sun. the great benefit is that it requires less heating so will be more efficient in the long-run.
  • Infinity pools – these have edges that disappear and are best placed on an epic backdrop so it looks as though with one stroke you can dive into the ocean.

With lots to consider and plenty of options, choosing something that fits your specifications and desires is very important to choosing the best pool.