The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Minimalist House

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There are several of great reasons to declutter and get back to the bare essentials. If you have ever walked into a minimalist home you will know that it’s not boring at all. Paradoxically, the more space you have the more you feel a sense of satisfaction and ease at home.

If you are used to having lots of stuff around, the transition may be a bit tricky but it is well worth it. Here are some of the pros to going for the minimalist approach in your house:

  1. Less stress – if you want to beat the stress and get rid of distractions, there’s nothing better than having a clear out. Minimalist homes are generally calmer and tend to put you at ease at the end of a long day.
  2. Easy to maintain – you will have less things to clean, fix and maintain with a minimalist home.
  3. Its visually pleasing – if you compare busy homes to a minimalist one, you will know the difference between how appealing they are.

What to expect when creating your minimalist home?

If this approach appeals to you, you can start turning your property into something far more simplistic and begin the transition phase. Just follow the below guidelines to go with the minimalist approach:

  1. Less furniture – in a minimalist home, you will find the essentials and not much else. This means you can also spend more on the items as they are few instead of feeling the pressure of splashing out on several furnishings.
  2. Thoughtful decorations – a minimalist home will feature more accent touches to the décor. You wouldn’t want to just have things completely bare as this would do the opposite. Maintaining balance is best and stand-out pieces work really well.
  3. Surfaces free of clutter – clearer surfaces are a must in these types of homes. Think about the tables and cupboard surfaces being clear and ready for just the few accessories you will place on them.
  4. Purchase higher quality – with less you can spend more and end up buying higher quality that ends up lasting longer.

Tips for creating your minimalist home

Think about one step at a time rather than a complete change up. This can be difficult and also take a lot of effort to go from one extreme to the other. So, have these tips in mind to make the process flow better:

  1. Don’t to everything at once – go easy and start with one room first. After that room is simplified you can move onto the next.
  2. Furniture is a great place to start. Get rid all of the pieces you don’t need but that won’t directly affect how you live.  If you have furniture items you don’t use too much, start getting rid of these first as they won’t take much thought.
  3. Keep the floors and surfaces clear – this is an essential part of a minimalist home.
  4. Keep only what you need – the bare essentials will be the way to go. Think about getting rid of anything you don’t really need. Its brutal, but will get you to the minimalist finish.
  5. Go with plainer patterns and solid colours. Subtler shades work best compared to bright shades.

Bearing these elements in mind will help you with your minimalist transition and get you decluttering your home in no time.